Main Speaker

David Binetti

Six-time Founder + Creator of
Innovation Options Framework

Stepping on the Gas: How to Make Your Startup’s Most Critical Decision

Main Speaker

Dave Sparks

From Discovery Channel’s Diesel Brothers

Your Full Potential: Discomfort, Dicipline, and Development

CEO Interview

William Borghetti

Founder + CEO at APiO

Learning from Success… and Failure


Tara Spalding

Founder of Hen House Ventures

CEO Interview

Paul Ahlstrom

Managing Director at Alta Ventures

Pivoting in the Pandemic: Turning Lemons to Lemonade

Greg Butterfield

Managing Partner
at SageCreek Partners

The Secret Step Between Nail and Scale: Build


Daniel Ash

Co-Founder + CEO at Journeyfront

Building Your Team: Co-Founders + Cap Tables


Jeff Steed

Chief Legal Officer + EVP at Malouf

Legal Strategies, B Corporations, and the Future of the Impact Economy


Josh Mendenhall

VP of Creative at Pattern

Building a Brand that Resonates

Emily Smith

Director of Strategic
Partnerships at Divvy

Leadership Principles that Scale from Startup to Success

Tyler Brown

CEO at Work Buddy

Curiosity Killed My Cat, but Can Save Your Business

Zach Lyman

Flight Medic + EMT Instructor

What Emergencies Teach You about Strong Teams
Startup Stories

Tyler Ploeger

Co-Founder + CFO at Everee

Making Waves in Stagnant Industries
Startup Stories

Amelia Wilcox

Founder + CEO at Zenovate

Adjusting Company Sails Amid Industry Storms
Startup Stories

Bruno Lima

Co-Founder + CEO at Pura

The 3 Startup Myths

Workshop Leader

Whit Johnson

Attorney at Stoel Rives LLP

Workshop Leader: Navigating Intellectual Property Myths and Pitfalls for Startups

Video Workshop

Michelle Laverty

IP Director at Malouf

Video Workshop: Patents, Trademarks, and Start-ups (Post-Summit Video Resource)